Brass Flanges (BSP Thread)

The patented Essex Flange has been the perfect connector for cylinders and closed tanks for over 90 years.

The Popular Essex Flange is specifically designed to provide any fitter with the easiest and fastest method of making sound connections on a variety of vessels. Our Flanges range from ½ Inch up to 3 Inches.

The clever design allows fitters to access the job entirely from the outside of the reciprocal vessel. The Essex Flange can be fitted solely to the outside of the tank or calorifier by simply cutting a hole and installing the flange with our specifically designed fitting wire, provided as standard.

Compression Flanges

Essex also produce the highly revered Essex Compression Flange, the range includes products with & without stop ends. The clever design means that there is no requirement for a coupler and further reduces the time consuming necessity to fit new pipework.

The Compression Flange No Stop allows the connecting pipe to pass into the cylinder or tank, thus creating a border mouthpiece which dramatically improves the flowrate, often used when supplying water to power assisted showers.

The Compression Flange With Stop design includes an internal ridge which stops the pipe penetrating the flange.

Fix-a-Tap Kits

No Plumber should be without the kit that offers quick and easy tap fixing. The perfect product for anti-rotation and damage prevention for a variety of materials. The Fix-a-Tap kit also enables taps to be removed without difficulty or damage.

Our patented kits are colour coordinated and designed for use on the following:
- Stainless Steel Sinks & Basins
- Ceramic Basins
- Acrylic Baths
- Pressed Steel Baths
- Cast Iron Baths