Makers of ‘flanges’ or ‘bosses’ for over 90 years

The popular Essex flange is the easiest and fastest method of making very sound tank and boiler connections for all sizes of pipe work and immersion heaters.

There is no need to get at the job through the top cap in a tank or cylinder because connections using Essex flanges can be made in awkward places by cutting a hole and fitting from one side only without the need to remove the vessel. Available for flat, curved or domed surfaces.

Essex also produces Fix-a-Tap, the kit which provides quick and easy tap fixing, preventing damage and rotation whatever the material.

Our Products

Brass Flanges: The patented Essex Flange has been the perfect connector for cylinders and closed tanks for over 90 years.

Compression Flanges: Essex also produce the highly revered compression flange. The clever design means that there is no requirement for a coupler and further reduces the time consuming necessity to fit new pipework.

Fix-a-Tap Kits: No Plumber should be without the kit that offers quick and easy tap fixing.  The perfect product for anti-rotation and damage prevention for a variety of materials.  The Fix-a-Tap kit also enables taps to be removed without difficulty or damage.